Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Are you there boss? Its me...

Following an ICM poll of 1000 people, the Church of England have discovered (among other things) that around 1/3rd of people are anticipating a very busy time at work coming up. As many as 1 in 8 also said they were "dreading" their return to work after the traditionally quiet summer period. In response the church commisioned this prayer-ad to calm commuters as they read The Metro on their way to work yesterday morning.

Such a lovely idea! It occurred to me though, that having spoken to The Almighty (and keeping in mind the fact that God helps those who help themselves), it might be wise to also deal with the problem at a local level. How about a similar missive to your boss....

Dear Boss,

You know me. Don't you?

I'm not just a person at a desk, or another login name. I'm not just the project pusher. I'm me, and I have stories that I could tell.

I could tell you why I do this, and what motivates me more than money. I could tell you what brought me to where I am now... Without ever leaving these four walls I could tell you tales of conflict and injustice, pride and joy, fear, failure, determination and success. I know this place and I know what really works (and what really doesn't).

Are you listening Boss? I've got so much to say. I think I can help you to make the most of every day in this new month. Come by my desk. Ask me a question.

Thank you
A man

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