Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Good habits at Addiction

Ok lovely blog readers, first of all, an apology: I'm very sorry that there were no posts, at all, for the whole of November. I'm also very touched that you've all kept checking in in that time, just in case! I was busy working on a change project on behalf of one of the energy companies. It was all consuming but great fun, and quite heartening to see how seriously the big energy companies are taking the sustainability issue.

Anyway, back to business. Doing what I do, lots of people talk to me about the things that happen in the companies they work for. Good and bad. The good ones in particular are brilliant anecdotes that I want to share as best practice. So every now and then I'll be bringing you a short, sweet example of engagement. And sometimes I'll tell you the bad stuff as well (without naming names) because its quite funny... I mean, because we can all learn from it.

So first up for a bit of recognition is Addiction, a creative agency in the west end of London. My other half has recently joined them and he's impressed. This week they announced their November "Employee of the Month". No big deal, lots of people do an employee of the month programme. However Addiction have a great habit of not only publishing the winners but also sending round the list of everyone who was voted for, along with comments from peers as to why.

Its so easy to feel unappreciated when you're working hard, and sometimes you need a bit more recognition than a hasty "well done" from your line manager. So how nice to hear,

"Becca - She's just incredible"


"Tom - because his stories always make me laugh".

I like it. Is your company doing something you think should be applauded? Or something that should be avoided?! Let me know...

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