Friday, 12 March 2010

Innovation Beehive interview with Kursty Groves

Michael O Keefe over at Innovation Beehive has just done an interview with Kursty Groves, author of, 'I Wish I Worked There'. There are some great insights, but it's this one that really catches my eye is this:

“The first thing is that management have to use the creative space. If they role model behaviour, then others in the organisation will follow. Also, it has to be firmly on brand – the bouncy balls will only work at Google- they don’t fit the culture of a bank. You can’t just copy what is in one creative company and expect it to work the same in another”

This for me, is the key for anyone trying to build a strong culture. However a brand is being expressed, it's values need to be inherent in the end result. Looking at inspirational work places is a great exercise, as long it's used as the springboard to a unique solution.

Read the whole interview here.


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