Monday, 26 January 2009

In praise of project managers

A new day - I’m not frightened,
Though the budget has tightened
And the client is grating my nerves.
Black coffee and toast
Will prepare me for most
Of today’s little sidesteps and swerves.

First job, email reading
Oh God, hear me pleading
How can there be 32?
Left at ten, now it’s eight
I ALWAYS work late
Do you get this many too?

OK, now what’s next?
To-do list I guess,
My favourite part of the day!
So neatly ordered,
Coloured and bordered,
One could get carried away…

Profit and loss
Must please the boss
Did I mention the budget is less now?
Increase the margin
Give the client a bargain
That’s how we measure success now.

Oh no!

Here comes a chatter to stand at my desk
She wants to look busy while taking a rest
No time to chat
She’s a bit of a….

Phew. She’s gone.

But our designer is here, with a brilliant idea!
I love it! Fantastic! But wait…
Did you get my note on that new budget quote?
We need something a bit less ornate.

A brainstorm, a meeting
The day is fast-fleeting
It’s hectic but never mundane
I’ll laugh and I’ll cry,
Demand and supply,
And tomorrow I’ll do it again

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